The Lewis Jeynes Fund

How can you help the fund?

Helping is easy, there are a few options. You could choose to run an event for The Lewis Jeynes Fund such as a raffle, a car boot sale, a summer fayre or more and we would be happy to help with the event if we are able to.

If you would like to nominate The Lewis Jeynes Fund as the beneficiary for a fund raising effort such as a marathon or sponsored event please do get in touch as we can supply forms and give you details of how people can pledge money.

If you would like to directly give money to help the children and enter your amount and pay online.

Or you might choose to come along to our fantastic EVENTS by choosing from the list shown to the left of this text.

Any help is appreciated

So what can you do to help ?

Here are some fun suggestions

Challenge yourself and ask people to sponsor you !

Why not run a 5k, 10k, marathon, ironman or triathlon and ask people to sponsor by donating to the Lewis Jeynes Fund.  We can help you with details and run you through the correct procedures to ensure your sponsorship monies are collected properly and administered in an open and transparent manner.

Organise an event to raise funds

Organising an event can be a great way to create a fun and interactive way of raising money for the Lewis Jeynes Fund.  Running an event is difficult, challenging and can be stressful, so we provide you with support and help you administer and cost the event properly to ensure you get the best results.

Do a car boot sale to raise money

A car boot sale can be fun, why not ask your neighbours to donate unwanted items and sell them at your local sale with the proceeds being given to the Lewis Jeynes Fund.  Make sure you take lots of change with you and enjoy the experience.

Ask your employer to make the Fund your good cause for the year

If you and your colleagues at work fancy doing some fun events and helping brave children, why not ask them to designate The Lewis Jeynes Fund as your good cause for the year (like charity for the year).

When is the next Fund event ?

The next event starts in